Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting 'em young

Sunday was the Giants' second game, and the girls got in the spirit by donning their jerseys.

After a week of everyone in the family being sick, it was nice to get out to go "hiking" at the Ramapo Reservation. It was Caroline's first hike up the beginning of the mountain and around the lake. In the category of not so fun, Caroline's other firsts for the week were first ear infection and first nebulizer treatment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday in the park

Saturday was a beautiful day, and we packed up our stuff and headed to Central Park. We started out listening to the guitarman by the lake for a few hours. We sat under a big tree right behind a newly married couple and their wedding guests.
Annabel enjoyed dancing to the tunes and trying to feed doggies her Goldfish and apples. She didn't participate in the skipping song, but we had to leave something for next time. Caroline enjoyed chilling and had her typical big smile on her face, and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a bootleg beer wrapped in newspaper purchased from a guy with a big backpack.

Mommy's friend Katie came to listen to music too, and later we all relocated and met Uncle Stu and his friends near a woman with an impressive hula hoop act.

Annabel loved blowing bubbles with Uncle Stu and playing with Champ, another doggie. She also met a 2yo girl named Annabel and pushed her doll's stroller around for awhile. I guess they didn't bond that well over their shared name because our Annabel rejected new Annabel's attempt at a good-bye hug with a shove.

I think Caroline enjoyed her first time in the city!