Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lots and lots of leaf pictures

Two part Halloween

Trick or treating happened twice this year!  Our town postponed trick-or-treating until Friday, but two little girls in costume weren't playing by those rules. So we  headed to my old neighborhood for some day-of trick-or-treating, and then back out again Friday for the second candy collection!

The first Halloween

and Take Two!

First Snow - Before Halloween!

The girls and dad were well on their way to making an October snowman...

 When the branches started falling in our driveway
and on the other side of our yard, and the neighbor's roof.

We'll wait until December for our first complete snowman of the season.

Bear Mountain

Grandma and Grandpa's Fall Visit

Hard at work with the pumpkins

 The Mrs Potato Heads - Halloween Style!