Saturday, May 10, 2008

Annabel's first sacrament

Annabel was baptized on Sunday, May 4 in a beautiful service. Father Lope presided over the baptism of Annabel and eight other infants. He made the service very special by explaining the origin of each child's name. Annabel's godmother, Sharalyn, placed the baptismal cloth over Annabel (made by a members of the church for all babies being baptized) and Uncle Stuart, Annabel's godfather, lit the baptismal candle from the Paschal candle. The Paschal candle is lit at the Easter vigil and remains lit for services in the Easter season, as well as all baptisms and funerals during the year.

We are very blessed to have found a church we love with such a caring congregation, staff, and priests. We have known for some time how blessed we are with wonderful families and friends. Even though many of us are not geographically near each other, we still feel each other's presence in our daily lives.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. The other cute kids are Sean and Sharalyn's children - Zachary, 4 1/2, and Peyton, almost 2.


mesa said...

Congrats on the baptism Annabel!! Hey K I love the collage you did! :)

Karen NJ said...

Thanks for teaching me!