Thursday, June 26, 2008

How now, brown cow?

To celebrate Daddy's 40th birthday, we headed north to the Boorn Brook Farm in Manchester, Vermont. The place was gorgeous and serene and peaceful, and the owners were so gracious and made us feel right at home.

A few highlights were:

Mass at the Weston Priory held in an open-sided barn. The monks sing most of the liturgy, and God added his own music with the rain that fell (and occasional thunderclaps!)

          Hanging out Marcy and Roger who visited from Albany

        Relaxing in the vast rustic barn

        Exploring the farm and talking to the animals

        We can't wait to go back when Annabel can run around and chase the animals. Sophie has even been invited for our return trip.


        mesa said...

        that place looks amazing Karen!!! I LOVE the picture of the cow w/ his tounge kissing on Annabel!! OMG!! too funny!! someone is fast w/ the shutter!
        Happy Birthday Scott!

        MBRox said...

        i also love the cow picture! what a neat way to spend the weekend. i love annabel's cool new blog layout! did you create it? i love seeing all the pictures. keep em coming!

        Karen & Scott said...

        Vermont was the coolest. Scott got a lot of neat scenery shots of red barns and cows!

        Mesa showed me how to do the blog background - it's from I made the banner in Photoshop.