Sunday, July 20, 2008

Built with love!

Annabel had a beautiful nursery, but now it's really special with the addition of the dollhouse bookcase designed and built by master furniture maker Grandpa B.

Grandpa built the bookcase in his shop in Texas with a design that would allow him to deconstruct it and ship it to Annabel so that Daddy could assemble it. He even built the 3 boxes it was shipped in. He included detailed instructions and all the supplies we needed for reassembly. Grandma B painted it to match Annabel's room.

Here's Annabel watching Daddy put the bookcase together.
Here's the finished bookcase in her room. Mommy loaded it up with her toys and books.

And here are pictures of the completed nursery!


Grandpa Brooks said...

The picture and especially the video brought a tear to my eye (but I get more sentimental as I age).
I love Scott's survey of the box and the assembly instructions.
Looks like you did a good job assembling and arranging the room.

Grandpa Brooks said...

It brought a tear to my eye (but I get sentimental more now).
I love Scott's admiration of my boxes and instructions.
Looks like you did a good job assembling.
Love, GB

mesa said...

the bookcase is BEAUTIFUL Grandpa B! What a special thing for Annabel to have! The nursery looks great you guys! Annabel is so lucky!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bookcase with those windows on the side!
But I think the most important is that it was built with so much love for Annabel.

Anonymous said...

love it!! it's beautiful. nice work grandpa b!!!!
can't wait to see you all soon!!
love, shannon