Sunday, September 21, 2008

First trip to Central Park

Yesterday was Annabel's first trip to Central Park. We sat by the lake and
sang along with the guitar man.

Uncle Stu skated over to hang out with us.

Then we went to Central Park Zoo. We saw sea lions, polar bears, penguins, rain forest creatures including hundreds of bats, and lots and lots of monkeys!


mesa said...

awww!! looks like a lot of fun!! Karen I just LOVE that picture of you holding A- it's so beautiful!

MBRox said...

you can just tell how loved she is by looking at all these pictures. i love annabel's blog! you guys look like you're having a lot of fun. and, i love annabel's cute fall jeans outfit in central park!

p.s. are you guys going to come down here soon so JM can meet his future betrothed?

run_dork said...

oh man...I miss the guitar guy and I seem to remember hearing that he retired? did he still have lots of audience participation and groupies?