Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa B Visit!

Grandma and Grandpa B came to visit from Texas this week! It was a fun filled week of wagon and stroller rides, reading stories, playing outside and taking baths. Grandma and Grandpa took good care of the girls while Mom and Dad got many of their to-do items stroked off the list. Uncle Stu visited for a few days too! Grandpa B had a birthday and everyone had cake! We're all going to miss them but they'll be back in a month for Caroline's baptism.

Here's a rundown of the what the girls have been up to:
  • She is now walking really well (and even starting to run).
  • She jabbers all the time and loves to dance.
  • She loves all kinds of foods - from Mexican (particularly guacamole and limes stolen from Mom and Dad's margaritas) to ice cream, broccoli, chicken and especially bananas.
  • She is fascinated with water in any vessel - toilet, mom and dad's bathtub, Sophie's bowl, and in a cup with a straw.
  • She likes to drape herself in laundry and toilet paper.
  • She really loves her little sister and is making some progress on "gentle."
  • She loves to play with big kids.
  • She equally shares and steals binkies.
  • She knows where her head, tummy and nose are.
  • She has eleven and a half teeth!
  • She still has that mischievous smile that melts our hearts.


  • She's slept through the night for a week now!
  • Her eyes are so very blue.
  • She loves her bouncy seat, just as much as her sister did, especially Mr. Monkey.
  • She still has a bit of a bobble head, but she's getting stronger every day.
  • Her legs are really strong, and she definitely likes to use them for kicking.
  • She loves her big sister, and doesn't cry too much when she pulls her hair.
  • She has a bunch of different cooing sounds.
  • She has a death grip and pinches our necks.
  • Her sweet little smile melts our hearts.

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