Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In the past two weeks, I've heard, "are they twins?" at least six times. Always when Annabel is sitting in the front of the shopping cart and Caroline is in the car seat bucket in the main part (we tried the other way, but Annabel kept dropping stuff out of the cart). Annabel has lost some weight with her recent bout with coxsackie (fun to say, but that's where the fun ends), but she still outweighs Caroline by at least 10 pounds. And ten pounds is a lot on a little person!


Kristy said...

People are so dumb! Give both of the girls a big hug from Gracie and I! Love the new blog background!!

sbrooks said...

o.k. - those new pics on top are sooooo cute!!!
i want to see more!! this weekend?? can't wait to see you all!!