Saturday, December 26, 2009

10 Months (and one day) old!

I'm getting soooo big! I can pull up on everthing and cruise around anything, even Sophie. I am a very fast crawler and I can climb over all sorts of obstacles. I am involved in everything my big sister does - if she reads, I read, if she plays with her dolly, I play with her dolly. She taught me two new words - Mine and No!

I hid this from Mommy and Daddy for awhile - I can climb stairs. I probably shouldn't have hidden it since I can't stay on stairs that well, and I got my first bloody nose. Now there are more gates than ever!

I'm still happy as ever, and hungry as ever. I've started eating bananas, goldfish, noodles, and puffed rice in addition to my yogurt, cereal, and baby food. Sometimes I'm so hungry I can't even wait until morning to eat. I still only have two teeth, but one of my top ones is getting close to poking out. Hope it's here soon!

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