Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm 11 months old!

And I'm soooooo big! I know I said it last month, but now I can show you.

This is just one of my many recent accomplishments, or as mommy and daddy say, "tricks." I'm also doing all this stuff:

  • I love to splash, splash, splash. In between baths, I play in Sophie's bowl. And I grab a little snack while I'm in the area.
  • One of my top teeth is finally poking through. The other one is really close!!
  • I can walk behind my riding toy, my baskets, my toy piano, and some of Annabel's toys too. I can also walk with Annabel holding one hand and mommy holding the other.
  • I'm still a very good sleeper, and when I wake up, I like to read a book or play with a toy in my crib. My parents have asked me to teach this to my sister, but she really doesn't listen to me.
  • I'm training to be a gymnast. Right now, I just practicing my flips on the changing table until I can get into a gym. If that doesn't work out, I'm pretty sure I could be a wrestler. Right now I'm getting pinned more than I want, but my sister *is* in a different weight class.

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MBRox said...

Pretty girl! C. needs to teach JM about the reading in bed, too!