Monday, May 24, 2010

Now I know there's a reason...

that the manufacturer includes age and weight limits on baby gear. When your 33 pound, 27 month old toddler wants to sit in her sister's bath ring, I should consider consulting the sticker that displays the 26 pound weight limit and 16 month age limit before helping her get in.

She, of course, got "thuck". After a lot of attempts to get Annabel out with bending and pulling and analyzing angles and thigh size, the Daddy Rescue Squad had to be employed. Using a bath towel to shield us from the flying plastic bits, a book on counting strawberries and fingers and ducks as a buffer between the indestructible plastic and my sweet baby's body, and a small electric tool that served as a circular saw, Daddy cut Annabel out of her chair. She didn't cry (or tinkle) once during the 45 minute ordeal.

She's reenacted the event several times this morning, including placing the buffer book on her back and telling the story of being stuck. She didn't sing the song we sang during her rescue of "Annabel is stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck in the tub, tub, tub, tub." I guess Mommy has a ways to go before she can seek employment as a children's song writer.

Mommy's really glad she didn't pull this stunt while Daddy was at work since she would have likely had to call the real Rescue Squad. Do you think they'd start charging after two dumb, preventable incidents within a year?

Here are other cute pictures from the last few weeks.

First time feeding herself yogurt.


Cooking in the kitchen

Chillaxing with Sophie



Kristy said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing, but how could I not with your narrative :) Glad that daddy was home and that Annabel is ok!! It was so good to see you guys!


MBRox said...

LOVE this story!!!