Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outer Banks

Take that Hurricane Irene!  
We got a late start to our vacation, but Irene couldn't keep us from having a great time.  The weather was beautiful, the house was fantastic, and the water was nice and warm.  Most of all, the company was the best!  

Both of the girls loved the beach - Annabel more the water, and Caroline more the sand.  

Fun times inside!

Zachary and Peyton

Zachary is Annabel's new best buddy!

Hanging out in the hole dug by Jackson

Is this an optical illusion?


Our home base


Sean and Zachary

Annabel and her Godmother Sharalyn

Who knew Sean was a sand artist?

Olivia and Zachary, with Sean and Peyton 
Jen (Caroline's godmother) and Gary

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