Sunday, March 15, 2009

First week home

Our first week home was a little rough. Annabel is having a hard time sharing the attention with her little sister. A lot of what we call recreational moaning. She does seem to like Caroline though now and wants to touch her. We've been working on "gentle." We've been trying it without success for awhile now with Sophie, Oscar, and Lucy, and we're only moderately more successful with Caroline. At least she's stopped glaring at her little sister!

Caroline went to the doctor on Wednesday. She's 8 1/2 pounds now and is really starting to fill out. Her hair is much curlier than Annabel's was and is soo soft. Her cheeks have almost caught up to Annabel's and her thighs are on their way. She's not one to miss a meal - you can almost set your watch by her 3 hour feeding schedule. She's starting to smile occasionally and loves to be held. I started using the Moby wrap with her and she seems to like it much better than Annabel did. It's a great way to hold her and still get some of my ever growing to-do list done. Her nights and days are a little mixed up, but she'll always fall back to sleep at night on my chest.
She also met her Uncle Stu and Grandpa W this week. Mommy was too tired to remember to get pics of Uncle Stu, so we'll have to do that soon.

Now that Annabel's over all of her illnesses, she has really gotten her appetite back and loves grown-up food. She loves chicken and broccoli, slurps her spaghetti like a real little kid, eats Mexican food with Mommy, and will not turn down a cupcake. She's also added some tricks to her performances - she goes straight from patting herself on the head at "Where's your head" to lifting her arms in the air for "How big is Annabel?" to a dramatic peek-a-boo. Sometimes she throws the "I'm one" in there too. Uncle Stu taught her how to climb down the stairs, although she hasn't figured out how to get down unless she is in the middle of going up. She has 7 teeth now and especially likes to show off the top ones with a snorty, head-back laugh.

That's all for now!


Andi-bo-bandi said...

At least it doesn't seem that Annabel is scowling at Caroline anymore!! :)

MBRox said...

She is so sweet! I want another one! And, yes, I am glad that Annabel seems to be happier about the situation/intruder :)