Sunday, March 15, 2009

Florida and Coming Home

We spent our last two days in Florida enjoying the warmer weather. We were sad to see Mom and Dad go when they traveled back to Texas on Thursday afternoon.

After we dropped off Mom and Dad at the airport, we took Annabel to the doctor to look at her ears and throat and to listen to her breathing. The doctor put her back on steroids and her nebulizer. Even in the aquarium exam room with the dinosaur neb, she wasn't happy.

Walking around downtown St. Pete

On Friday morning, we got the call that we were expected to get clearance to leave the state by the end of the day. We gathered everything together and packed with the goal of not having to unpack the entire car when we stopped midway home. Scott did a fantastic job of making the puzzle pieces fit in the minivan. It's a darn good thing the baby store we love in Tampa didn't have a double stroller because I think it would have had to sit on my lap.

After we finished most of the packing on Friday, we headed to the newly renamed George Steinbrenner Field. When we visited last year, it was called Legends Field. Scott was outraged that we had to pay $10 to park just to go to the gift shop. Damn Yankees! There was a game that evening, and there were lots of people milling about hoping to get autographs, but we didn't see any players. The girls got their outfits for opening day.

By Thurman Munson's monument

On Saturday morning we woke up early, but because it takes a long time to get two adults and two babies out the door, we didn't leave until almost 9 am. The navigation system estimated the drive at a little over 20 hours without stops for feeding and sleeping.

We were amazed at the number of Harleys on the road, and the number of trucks pulling trailers with Harleys. Apparently, it was the next to last day of Bike Week in Daytona, so there were people heading to and from Daytona. The bikes really didn't thin out until South Carolina.

We have a travel tip for anyone planning a trip with kids in diapers - map out the Denny's on your route. Denny's seems to be the only place that consistently has a changing table in the restroom. In the women's and men's restroom! And they don't mind if you just get an iced tea and use their facilities. Most importantly, if you time it right, you can have a nice chicken fried steak for dinner. We stopped at 4 on the way home. Thanks to the GPS in the iPhone we were able to identify our next Denny's at any time.

We stopped overnight in Dunn, NC after we made it a little more than halfway. We had a good drive with little traffic other than around Washington, DC. We made it home in 21 hours - pretty good with all the stops! The girls both slept most of the way in the car and were good little travelers.

It's good to be home!

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