Monday, November 2, 2009


Caroline's first Halloween was a rainy one, but she still had fun being a pretty flower.

On Friday, we Trunk or Treated at church. Ladybug Annabel liked the cider donuts more than the candy, and she managed to hold onto it while playing on the playground.

On Saturday, the girls braved the rain in a search for candy. After a few houses, they came back inside to play. Annabel likes Junior Mints, M&Ms and lollipops the best.

On Sunday, we went to a local farm for a hayride. The girls also saw a tiny horse, a calf, a ram, some goats, and some pigs (they bite!)


Anonymous said...

I just got all caught up on your girls - MAN, are they CUTE or what?! They are so adorable together :)

Marcy & Roger said...

So cute. I see you got the floor mats. Don't you love them?

sbrooks said...

soooo cute!