Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Colorado - Swimming and Keystone

Sometime during the week, we went swimming - I can't remember exactly when. Wyatt and Georgia went several times, but Annabel and Caroline just braved the cool air temps with bathwater pool temps once.  Annabel shows off her "big jump" to Aunt Shannon and Caroline does her scoot and flop in to Daddy.  Grandpa can't seem to shake the Wyatt fungus off his back.

On Friday and Saturday, we went to Keystone. Friday, after we hit the Dillon Farmers' Market, Grandma took the girls to see a rock and roll version of Rapunzel in the ampitheater.  Saturday, we returned for KidzFest with everyone but Uncle Stu and Uncle Ev who were off doing a 10 mile, 7 hour hike to a 14,000 foot peak. 

We saw a juggling show, got caricatures (he nailed the cheeks), watched the bubble machine, got balloon animals, laughed at a guy on stilts, played in a playhouse, and most importantly, jumped in the bouncy houses!

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