Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm 6 months old

Happy half-birthday to me! Here's what's happening in my world:
*I'm still a little wobbly when I sit, but I can stay up without falling for a long time now!
*I've made it through all of the cereals, and I'm now eating sweet potatoes.
*Mommy and Daddy say I'm a chatterer. I do like to squeal and let everyone know that I'm here.
*I just discovered how much fun it is to splash in the tub.
*I can put my binky in my mouth by myself.
*I can pull Annabel's hair now too. I also like to pull Mommy's and Daddy's lips, ears, cheeks, - whatever I can grab.
*I love my exersaucer. I also love to pull on the things hanging from my activity mat.
*I'm strong! I can sit in my bumbo seat and scoot across the room by pushing up on my legs.
*I still pretty much only cry when I'm hungry (or Annabel sits on me!)

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