Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm One and a Half!

I decided to update my sister's and my blog today because as you can see below, I'm pretty good with the computer.
Here's a quick update on all the things I can do, now that I'm One and a Half.

I know these parts of my body: Nose (inside and out), Head, Ears, Tummy, Knee, and Toes. And sometimes Eyes and Elbow.

I can say lots of words if mommy or daddy or someone else says them first, but here are the ones I say all by myself: baby, book, bottle, binky, doggie, uh-oh, yes, no, weeeee!, ball, Sophie, Mamma, Dadda, cookie, knee, banana, water. There are a lot of other things I say, but mommy and daddy seem to just nod their heads and smile when I say them.

I'm pretty good at these things: dancing, running, wrestling with/straddling/pulling on/loving on Caroline, Sophie, Oscar, and Lucy, giving big hugs and kisses complete with sound effects of aaahhh and mwah, reading, gathering sticks, climbing, pretending to go down the stairs frontways, swinging, sliding, paddling in the pool, throwing balls, licking rocks. I could go on forever, because as mommy and daddy always say, I'm very "busy."
(Me looking to get into trouble at the walking path next to the lake at Bear Mountain)

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