Saturday, February 23, 2008

First full day – Friday, February 22

Annabel is a pretty good sleeper – during the day that is. At night, she’s got quite the set of lungs. Still, we were able to get some sleep – apparently me more than Scott as I slept right through the first round of crying.

Annabel had her first pediatrician appointment in the afternoon. We had a host of questions, and they were all answered. The doctor said we should be feeding her about twice as much as the hospital told us, so right now we’re on a 2 oz every two hours schedule. It’s a good thing we’ve almost mastered the diapering, because twice as much food means twice as many diapers!

She looks less like a sumo wrestler today. Her chubby cheeks are not so puffy and her eyes are not so squinty. We’ve heard that in a few weeks, she’ll start looking like herself. She’s still not all that photogenic, but at least today, she’s not in her gimme hospital wear! And she’s very adorable in person!

We’re missing the only big snow of the year back in NJ. Uncle Stu has mastered the snowblower, and we’re sure Sophie’s having fun running around in the snow. We’re so lucky to have gotten out yesterday as the most planes weren’t flying today. We heard that our homestudy agency couldn’t make it to work to send off our paperwork, so we may be spending a few more days in sunny Florida.


mesa said...

Annabel is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations momma!

Kristy said...

Karen - I love the blog. Annabel is such a doll! Congratulations and good luck with the drive back!!


Brooke said...

Hi Karen and Scott,
What a beautiful addition to the family!! I'm enjoying seeing the pictures. How are you keeping this up - and taking care of Annabel! Amazing!
Your cousin, Brooke