Monday, February 25, 2008

Party of Three

Today Annabel got a stylish new orange and denim stroller. It’s got all sorts of gadgets that appealed to Daddy. Here she’s using the bassinet feature. Mommy picked up a cool diaper bag too.

Our snugglebug’s a good eater, and we were rapidly running out of our freebie formula from the hospital, so we popped Annabel’s carseat on the new stroller, and headed to BRU for supplies. The choices of bottles and nipples were baffling, but we finally muddled through.

And to cap off our day, we took our first trip to a restaurant as a family!


NJIT Cricket Team said...

Annabel Irene is adorable!!! Jessica, Margaret & I are overjoyed for you!!! Many congratulations to all three of you..

run_dork said...

Karen and Scott...congrats again to both of you! The pics are really cute and we look forward to meeting her in person. I totally agree about being overwhelmed by Babies R Us...there are WAY too many choices. MB and I are really excited about figuring out how to be parents along with you and Scott! It's gonna be a lotta fun. We were at the lake over the weekend and I thought about your parents when we were at mass in Kingsland...they must be so excited for you guys!

Looking fwd to keeping up with Annabel on the blog...


Mike and MB

mesa said...

yay what fun a first outing to a resturaunt! I'll need tips! LOL
love the new stroller!

Mary said...

What does the diaper bag look like?