Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Annabel says "Yesterday we went shopping because I needed a place to sleep. Mommy must have bought more than just a crib, because we were in PB Kids for a loooooonnnnnnggg time!"


Jeri said...

I am just so thrilled for you, Scott, and baby Annabel. As a family, you have found each other to LOVE and it is wonderful!

You will get lots of advise along the way, but the most important, is to enjoy every moment. Yes, even those crying bouts in the middle of the night.

Can't wait to hold her (and give her back).


(p.s. Where are you staying in Fl?)

Stuart Brooks said...

Katie, the neighbor who plays with Sophie the dog, clued me in to PB Kids. Sounds like the minivan will come in handy.

Annabel looks great. Can't wait to meet her.

Uncle Stu

John and Valerie said...

Congratulation! Annabel is sooo cute. We are sending a care kit to NJ. Will and Kat both weighed in around 9lbs...so I know how sore your muscles are. Post more pics!

John and Val