Saturday, February 23, 2008

Was it the lunar eclipse?

It was Wednesday, February 20. Scott was on the phone about 8:30 pm when call waiting beeped in. It was Amy, our adoption attorney, and she told Scott to get me on the phone.

And then she told us about our baby girl.

She was born the day before – Tuesday, February 19 at 5:12 pm. She told us about her parents, her siblings, and all about Annabel. She was due to be discharged that next morning, and if we wanted to be her parents, we needed to be on the first plane to Tampa on Thursday.

After “the call” ended a little after 9 pm, we sprung into action. We called our parents, a few friends, and started frantically walking around in circles figuring out what we needed to do to leave for the airport at 4 am. We found flights, a place to stay, and a car to drive back to NJ, and then started gathering electronic devices, chargers, and our clothes!

We should have started gathering stuff for a baby, but all we had was a car seat!

I had been in NY that day, and was planning to return the following day. Before I left, I picked up my brother Stuart, who was planning to come home with me for the night, and then go back with me in the morning to the city. Uncle Stu not only drove back in the city that night to get my computer and other stuff (packed up by Katie, thanks!), but also offered to stay at our house and take care of Sophie, Oscar, and Lucy.

He dropped us at the airport around 5am, and we were on our way!

Before leaving work, my friend Katie said she thought that something would be happening soon as there was a significant astrological and astronomical event that night – a lunar eclipse – something that wouldn’t happen again for a few years. I told her that was a bunch of hooey, but, hey, maybe I might have to be a believer!

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Kim said...

IT WAS FATE! You were praying and waiting for a child. God sent your daughter to you - you were meant to be Annabel's parents and she was meant to be your child.

Dear Karen and Scott,
We are overjoyed for you!!! Annabel Irene is such a beautiful name...Perfect for your precious baby girl. She is adorable!!!
It sounds like you are all doing great!!! Enjoy every moment, it goes by too fast.
We'd love to meet her when you are settled back in NJ.
Have a safe trip home. Take care and God Bless you all!
With Love,
Kim, Matt, Miles and Grace